A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Use the cheatsheet if you just want to read the story. This game gets really difficult.

*21/09/2020: Added cheat sheet and bug fixes

Airwaves is a 2D pixel art text-based puzzle game/interactive novella about a fictional family in fictional China working as a telegraph & communications operator for over a century. 

The player will take control over the operator to decipher Morse code, encryptions & calligraphy, and experience 4 short stories across by playing through 3 generations of telegraph operators in the same family across important periods of time in China’s modern & future history. 

The difficulty of the game will evolve across generations from basic Morse messages to deciphering complex ciphers & code conversions. 

Through deciphering & logging codes and messages, the mystery and the tragedy of the family, and indeed the community, will be slowly revealed to the player. 

The art of the game are all pixel drawings based on time-specific items.

Special thanks to Alex Rickett, Eddo Stern, Tyler Stefanich, Chloe Zhang, Elsie Wang, Fongkei Mo, and the UCLA Gamelab.

Install instructions

Download Airwaves_MAC for Mac build, and Airwaves_WIN for PC build.

Use the cheatsheet if you just want to read the story. This game gets really difficult.


Airwaves_MAC.zip 33 MB
Airwaves_WIN.zip 33 MB

Development log


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Hi, I really enjoyed the game and wrote about it on my blog here: https://toomanymedia.com/2020/09/26/airwaves/

thanks Alex! I really enjoyed the article, thanks for playing :) more to come!

glad to hear it!

How do you do the first one? Also a tutorial would be great, or maybe a walkthrough? I'm so stuck on the first part... It says incoming transmission and the nothing happens. even if i click to listen to the transmitte

you need to type in the first INCOMING TRANSMISSION as instructed

Whats that? Is it a sound, is it just "INCOMING TRANSMITTION"?

Its just the words :) there's a cheatsheet if you like

Thank you