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Juvenoia is a live computer simulation that presents shifting snapshots of my nostalgia for a village in Southwestern China that no longer exists, along with distorted dreamscapes caused by a weariness towards the adoptive country of America.  It is an allegorical portrait of a diasporic coming of age.

Being an immigrant in the West means killing the part of you grown from your home, your history, your language, your past, and your future. In retrospect, this work was an X-Ray of my illness, my unnamed dread, my dear home crushed by Chinese hegemonic modernization and American neoliberal capitalism. Juvenoia lives in the limbo of it all, as do I.

This work features shifting environments and 6 Twine poems. Made from photogrammetry, drawings, and digital stuff.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
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Authornil knight
TagsAlternate History, Art Book, artgame, Boring, Comics, Dystopian, Horror, Nonlinear, poem, Story Rich


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