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An omnidirectional guide to game-making.

A marinated spiderweb poem.

A Twine game with no clearly defined objectives.

A manifesting manifesto.

An illusion of choices.

Marinated Guide to Game Making is a manifesto disguised as a graphic novel disguised as a Twine game. The text in this work is sourced from a collection of game design fundamentals books, often with contradicting and controversial claims, and sometimes downright misogynistic ideologies. This work subverts these isolated claims by contradicting them with each other in a labyrinth of hypertext interactions and putting the "fundamental rules" of game design in contrast with ironic, sarcastic drawings/comics. Through this subversion, the work aims to manifest a manifesto against the established rules of the games industry and encourage players to make any game they want beyond the confines.

There are many many nodes, so if you find yourself stuck in a loop, it probably says more about your interests than about the work. :)

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Authornil knight
GenreVisual Novel, Puzzle
Tags2D, Comics, Hand-drawn, Horror, Narrative, Point & Click, Story Rich, Tutorial

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Art is hard, critique is easy. Which in itself is an easy critique.

it’s all pretty easy honestly


Interesting experience. However, I did not like to read often the word "must". Many games don't fit with your explanations, but they are innovative and well done. You exposed here some interesting ideas, but who can say "this one is a good game, but this another not". Thank you for this experience ++


I agree. Which is why I didn’t actually write any of these explanations myself. They were all pulled from ‘game design bibles’ and getting critiqued here :)


Ok. I understand now your prime intention. I missed something playing...


Indeed. I think this is part of the ironic parody


Lots of this can be put up on a wall nearby as periodic reminders.  Nicely done.


Ooof, I'm getting flashbacks of the Jesse Schell, Jane McGonigal, and Ian Bogost I read back back in college and the frustrations I had with those texts. After everyone in my media classes taking Schell's word as gospel, everyone outside of them thinking that McGonigal's ideas had any merit, seeing those ideas critiqued like this has been therapeutic. This is an awesome manifesto, thanks for making it. 


Thanks, my thoughts exactly. Esp. the Jane McGonigal book coupled with the recent GameFi hypes. So glad you found it therapeutic!

Also, I remember playing your game from Indiepocalypse #14, we were in the same issue! Love your work :)))


Oh yeah, that's right! Thanks! :)


intresting game.


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This was a really cool visual novel game about the current world of game-making. I liked the way that the creator drew and combined people and gaming equipment together to create something that looks unsettling and surreal. I wasn't able to continue after the word 'virus' (If I remember correctly) and found the information being written in the game to be quite interesting and true in our current gaming society. It would be cool if music and sound effects were added to the game to make the game a more interactive and fun experience for the players.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.