Thanks to Tina Sato(@tina.sato) & Alice Chen(@snowyskydrops)

Please download and run the Unity-Super-Fix file for MAC

Simply the best game I'll ever make.

Install instructions

Play in browser OR

Download WIN for Windows Build

Download MAC for Mac Build (Must download Unity-Super-Fix and run the script, then right click the app->services->Unity-Super-Fix to get past the security thing.)


Download 63 MB
Download 72 MB
Download 113 kB

Development log


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too insane for a game >:O


insanity is the ultimate cure.

This is quite the very cool awsome fruit jello fork game thing


and you are quite the very cool awsome person!

I love you and this game.


We love you and you’ll win at any game!



you are perfect

I won the game! 


Yes! And you’ll win every game from now on!

Nobody will ever make anything greater than this game thing. The human race has peaked.

and you have peaked and will continue to peak thru eternity!

This is Awsome


Ser, u r Awsome

I love this!


we love u!

This is awesome!


you are awesome!